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Back at It

It is a bitter cold this morning. Nobody wanted to get up. My sleep schedule is all off. My brain doesn’t want to shut down so I can get to sleep on time. I will need to retrain it. Hopefully my schedule goes back to normal for next week. That will help.

I got my succulents and orange tree repotted yesterday. So far everyone looks ok. My violet is still going strong after being repotted a few weeks ago. I was worried about her. But, she has some blooms so she is settling in. Speaking of blooms, one of my cactus plants has small flowers on top! I couldn’t believe it! (Naturally I did not think to take pictures🙄)

I still haven’t heard anything from the brewery. I may just start putting up signs and just edit them as needed. I want to start generating publicity as soon as I can. That will be on my to do list for work. I also need to check numbers. It has been a while since I have. I try to every week but it has been around two weeks now.

I should probably wrap this up. Oh, I will have another fun garden project this Spring! Chris is bringing me home tires to turn into planters! I am very excited! I will need to figure out where they will go first. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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