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Do I See A Light?

Today will not break me… Today will not break me… Last night was a near thing. I had a lot of customers/friends come in last night. I got a lot of love from everyone. And several good hugs. I told the pups that I still had one more shift to go, as they hunkered in on the love seat. The next time I turn to look at them they both have tear in their eyes and coming down their cheeks. That hit hard. They have been so very good. When I woke up this morning I seriously thought about not going anywhere tomorrow. But I think that they need some time outside of the house. And Archie needs to know that car rides don’t always mean going to the doctor. I think we will just stay in the area though. I don’t know what is wrong with the car yet.

I have heard back several times from the Brewery I contacted for my event in March. I am hoping that they send us some swag to pass out. I thought about doing it from 3-5pm but I might extend it to 6pm. That way anyone that gets out of work at 5pm has a chance to get there. I have several recipes to make but that will depend on when I can get ahold of the beer. If it is that day then it will be a long day for me at work because I will be cooking in the deli all day before the event. If they send the beer a few days before then I can piecemeal it out over two days. Although I might be able to ask the deli to cook for me as well. We’ll see.

I need to water my plants again already. My banana tree looked a bit sad after a few days of being happy. I checked and the dirt is bone dry. I checked several other plants and it is the same. So once I post this I will be going around and watering those that need it. Not all of them do. So I will check each one as I go. I am shocked at how dry some of them are! It’s like they haven’t been watered in a week or more.

I have limited funds this week so I have to make sure that I don’t go crazy. Car payment came out today so that was most of my check. I have to remind myself of that. When I feel like this I tend to overspend. I also need to figure out an anniversary gift for Chris. I am truly at a loss. I do plan to use the pasta maker I got for Christmas and make us some fresh pasta for dinner. Then we can use it together to do something. If I use it first I can hopefully get an understanding of it so that when we both use it, it goes smoothly.

Ok, I ought to get this posted and give the kids their treats. One more shift. One more shift. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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