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Nudging Forward

The sky to the South is sunny with mostly blue sky. The sky to the North is so dark it is almost black. Archie is chewing on a bone from last night while Stella is dozing behind me under a blanket. It was hard to get up this morning. As tired as I was I just couldn’t get to sleep. But when I did I was out. Archie tried to get me up around 7am. Both our sleep schedules are way off.

Last night went better than expected. I had a customer give me a big batch of dog coats, toys and blankets. I put them in the washer when I got home. There is even a big saddle bag backpack! I haven’t tried it on either dog yet. That might be a fun add on for nature walks this Spring and Summer. Some of the coats will even fit Archie if needed. Archie has already adopted the frog toy. We played a lot with that before bed last night.

Both pups were awesome last night. A bag of bones was left on the counter (they were supposed to get them when Chris left for work but things got a little crazy) and neither dog tried to get them. Either of them could’ve easily pulled it off the counter. I am very proud of both of them!

As much as I don’t want to go anywhere on Thursday I might load up the dogs and do my running then. I don’t want Archie to not like going in the car. If we leave before Chris gets up then he can have some extra quiet time. Unless of course I have to drop the car off. But I think that might not be til later this week. We might even go to McDonald’s in Kalkaska for cheeseburgers. And a Happy Meal for me of course! Then I can come home and repot my plants. It is about time to give them some plant food too. I just did the last of the special food for the banana tree yesterday. I made it in a gallon jug so it will last awhile but there is no more in the packet that came with the plant to make after this.

I guess I will get this posted. It is a bitter cold here (way below freezing after the windchill) but no snow. Chris blew out the driveway before I went to work yesterday. Hopefully it will last. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

2 thoughts on “Nudging Forward”

  1. I love your pictures 🙂 they’re always so beautiful. Your garden must be really lovely. I’m so proud of your doggos, too! They didn’t help themselves to bones and waited politely. They’re much better behaved than I am – if there are treats about – I’m into them. I don’t wait for Alun to get home first. Archie and Stella can teach me a thing or two, huh? Sending you big hugs xx

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    1. Lol. Sometimes you just gotta get into things! And thank you. I haven’t really taken very many photos lately as it is so blah out. My gardens can be lovely. But when I don’t tend to them as I should then not so much. I get all these grand ideas but cannot follow through sometimes. Big hugs and puppy kisses back xx


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