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The Struggle Bus

It’s going to be rough going today. An anxiety attack hit before I even turned out the light to go to sleep. So I tossed and turned til around 3am when I finally fell asleep. I don’t remember any of my dream, but I do remember not being happy when I woke up. Every little thing that goes wrong (and it feels like there are a lot already) gets under my skin. Four more days to go…

The weather here is a bitter cold with the wind. The kind that freezes you to your core. I am grateful we only have a small amount of the snow that usually goes with. And the lack of sun this winter is disconcerting. That is putting everyone on edge.

I am trying to find something positive to write about instead of talking about the negative. Archie is doing well. He and Stella keep each other busy. I just covered Stella with a blanket. She hunkered in and sighed. Archie is currently chewing a bone. Mostly he is being quiet.

I should wrap this up and head to work. Thanks for the support! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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