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My mind has determined that it is Saturday. We know it’s only Friday but my mind is running by a different calendar apparently. Both pups are curled up behind me asleep. Despite of (or because of) good sleep last night I still feel like I am sorely lacking sleep.

Archie did the smartest thing this morning! On an average work morning my alarm is set for 5am. I try to wake a few minutes before my alarm so I can make sure I turn it off so I don’t wake Chris. This morning, Archie gets out of bed and pushes the bathroom door open then goes out into the living room. I thought maybe he needed to go outside but then I looked at the clock. It was almost 5am. He thought it was time to get up. When he came back to see where I was I explained that I could sleep in a little today so he hunkered back in bed.

I have all but given up trying to keep him quiet. It just isn’t going to happen. So I try to make sure he doesn’t do as much…. Like launching himself over the couch (did I mention he can jump?) or rough house too much with Stella. They both usually listen when I tell them to chill. Usually.

Work is becoming interesting. I threw out a few ideas to boost sales in two of my departments. The store owner gave thumbs up to all of them. So it is up to me to start the ball rolling. And the store owner also has suggested making a few video clips for our various media outlets. So. We’ll see.

I’d better get things moving here. Thanks for reading and stay safe! And thanks for all the great comments!

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