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Fast and Faster

This is waaaay too early on too little sleep. I had no carry out yesterday so that means I got to do it all. The only thing I didn’t do yesterday was a propane exchange. It was a bit difficult doing my job and someone else’s but I managed. My coworkers helped where they could, for which I am grateful.

I did come home to a fun surprise though. I had forgotten that I purchased it. I have a thing for The Nutcracker ballet and thus nutcrackers. Mom was getting them for me at Christmas for many years. Well this beauty is over a foot tall and Halloween themed. It was made by a local artist (she lives downstate). The same gal that made my horror lamp. I had forgotten about him because she has been sick and was unable to get him mailed right away. Not to mention everything that has been going on here. But he arrived in all his glory and I couldn’t be happier! As much as I love the lamp she made I think I love this guy more!

I wonder what today will bring. Whatever it does atleast I get out at 2pm. I am trying to focus on that. The clock is telling me I need to wrap this up. Thanks fir reading and stay safe!

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