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And We Wait

It was one of the hardest things to do to leave Archie at the vet’s office this morning. I keep telling myself he will be ok but the way January is…. I just don’t trust it. So I am biding my time until 2:30pm when I can go get him. I took the earliest possible time. Stella has wadded herself up behind me on the love seat. I don’t knw how she managed to get the blanket so tight around herself. She is sound asleep.

I was worried about icy roads on the way in this morning. We, thankfully, had no issues. But I will probably leave early to go get him because I miss him and am worried. Everyone has been very understanding of my craziness lately. I am forever grateful. A coworker got me a bouquet of tulips that I wanted. I loved the colors but I decided against getting them because I needed the money for Archie. While I was busy dealing with a cooler that had gone down he got them for me. I did my best not to cry. It was a near thing.

I think I will make Chris breakfast if he wants this morning (or rather this afternoon). He’s not feeling well and I need to make sure I take care of him. He made us dinner last night even though he didn’t feel good. And he has had the patience of a saint this past month while I have tried to deal with all this crap going on. He needs to be taken care of too.

A bunch of friends from work are checking on me. Bless them. I am going to try writing today. I haven’t really done anything with my novel. Not even looked at my research materials. I also need to see about pulling that interview together. At the very least I want to print her responses to my questions. That way I have a paper trail.

I spent a bit messaging with my cousins last night. We have our own private chat outside of the normal family one. I don’t feel the need to include everyone in our conversations. But both are coping since their Mom’s death. My one cousin is quietly going through her Mom’s stuff trying to simultaneously clean out her Mom’s stuff and pack up to move. But all in all they are moving forward. It is hard to believe it has been two weeks already. One week since the funeral.

I guess I will wrap this up and try to keep myself distracted. I will try to include a photo of the tulips I got. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

6 thoughts on “And We Wait”

      1. Oh haha “fixed” means “balls off”? He will be fine! A bit grumpy maybe but nothing a good pile of treatos can’t fix. =) All that will keep him healthy and secure and it shows how much you care. ❤

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      2. It does. I don’t think he’ll be grumpy, just groggy, lol. The hard thing will be to keep him “calm” while he heals. He just loves to play.❤️ It’s just that this month has been crap and I don’t trust it. 😳

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  1. I hope Archie does well! I’m sure he’ll be a little grumpy, but he’ll be back to himself in no time at all. Hang in there! I totally understand what you mean about January not being kind. February is the month for me. And it’s the shortest but dear God, it feels the longest ever. Take care!

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    1. Thank you. I just hate not being able to make it not hurt for him. I feel like I’ve hurt him. And I also know that I am being over sensitive. But that is me right now. Big hugs for you for next month.

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