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Today it has been one year since we lost Essie. Having Archie helps a lot but… Just too much death this month.

I did manage more than 30 minutes of sleep last night. The down side it that it was even harder to get up because my body was enjoying its hard earned sleep. I am just glad that I have a short day today.

My body aches from doing stock and moving cases of beer. Once again things were just put wherever. So I redid everything again. The nice thing is the store owner now knows about it so hopefully something will get done. I helped put the truck away since we were pretty dead and I don’t like just standing (or sitting) around. I was able to keep myself extra busy because I cleaned up the shelves as I went.

Today… today I just want to stay home with my family. I don’t want to deal with people. In a perfect world I could go back to bed and then putter in my gardens when I got up (I did say perfect world, we have a new layer of snow). I did get my violet repotted. She seems to be ok. I am just worried because I did not realize she was overwatered in her old pot (I stick my finger under the leaves and check the soil before I water my plants so I’m not sure what I did), so when I gently shook her loose to repot her the main root just broke. It was about as thick as one of my fingers. As I said she seems ok. I will keep an eye on her.

The clock tells me I need to wrap this up and head to work. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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