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Hoping For the Best But…..

Oh please let this shift go fast! I am on about 30 minutes of sleep today. Nothing I did helped. Either my mind kept me awake or my body. I really should’ve stayed home yesterday. I had no business being out with that headspace. I don’t know if today will be much better.

My liquor order did not arrive yesterday. The wine order did. When I called to ask where it was I was informed that it would be arriving a day late due to Monday’s holiday. Why didn’t it have that on the site when I ordered? Why did the wine arrive and not my liquor? It is from the same company.

I had to redo a lot with both the beer cave and back stock (once again I forgot a photo, sorry). They are back to shoving product wherever. Beer is never to be stacked directly on the floor. I had four stacks. There are empty spots in the beer cave and on my display. Apparently they decided to put whatever product they had a lot of in those spots. Those spots are not just for random fills. There is actually stuff that goes there. I also got a bunch of new stuff (that no one mentioned I was getting) that I had to find room for. There was a lot of swearing on my part.

My coworkers did try to take care of me. I received two painted rocks that had been found around the store and I got some candy and a fun little Minion toy. For the most part I kept to myself. I wore the ribbon from my Aunt’s funeral as well. I plan to wear it again today.

I can hear ice bits hitting the windows. It should be an interesting day weather-wise. I know a lot of people came in to get things so they wouldn’t have to go out today. There is a chance we could be very slow. I only hope I can make it through and that tonight I actually can get some sleep. Thanks fir reading and stay safe.

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