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Thinking Ahead

I took a bit longer to read your posts this morning so I am running behind. That’s ok though. Stella is asleep behind me and Archie is on my feet asleep. I got decent sleep last night but not enough apparently. I can’t seem to wake up.

I went through my stock yesterday and made a list of what was selling and what wasn’t. I asked the powers that be if I could start changing my stock. Not just ordering what was selling but pull stuff and get rid of it, then replace it with something else. I was given the go ahead. So now I need to start pulling things out a little at a time. I am going to spend my morning figuring out my game plan. There are probably about 15 items that have not sold in over a year.

Only one day off this week to stay home. I am glad that it is after the funeral. I’ll have one day to recoup. I see by the clock that I am running late for work. Thank for reading and stay safe!

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