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Big Work Changes

Well that’s interesting…. I cannot access anything online. I can’t read anyone’s blog, read the news…. Nothing. So I guess I will get this written and hope it posts.

Yesterday was steady. Busy at times but I kept myself going pretty steady for most of my shift. Towards the end I let myself chill a little. I’m not sure how today will be. I know several deliveries will happen today.

Some major changes are going down at work. We are getting three self check outs. They will replace the first register. Also , when we replace the one fuel tank we are getting all new pumps plus two more. I know that the floor layout is also undergoing some big moves as well. It sounds like the bulk of this will start in March.

I’m not sure how the newsletter is going to work. My intent was to have something printed for the customers. The owner is still sitting on what I sent him (he was to make printed copies to hand out). That being said (apparently my new catch phrase since I seem to be saying it more and more), he has decided to also publish it on the store’s Facebook and Instagram pages. I knew about the Facebook page but I did not know about Instagram.

All three of us did not want to get out of bed this morning. I slept hard. Since my sleep has been less than stellar over the past few months whenever I get nights like this my body is left gasping for more sleep when I wake up. Stella is beside me dozing. Archie is across the room working on a bone. He has been very restless lately.

I should probably wrap this up before this gets much longer. I will try to read your blogs over the course of the day once the internet settles down. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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