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Another dark o’clock writing. Stella is asleep in my lap. Archie is quietly chewing a bone in the dark. He surprised me this morning. I didn’t hear my alarm go off (despite turning the volume to max). But he hopped off the bed and pushed the bathroom door open and sat down, waiting for me. Little blessing❤️

I am still not up to snuff emotionally. I am weary of explaining why to everyone. Any other time information spreads like crazy. I did get everything done that I needed to yesterday. Mom started blowing up my phone at one point, despite the gentle reminder that I was at work,

I get to sleep in a whole hour tomorrow. I’ll take it. I am wiped out. As of right now I have to be up by 5am on Monday to make it on time for the get together before the funeral. I probably won’t cry much. I’ll just get very quiet. I’m not sure what everyone will make of it. Honestly I don’t care.

I hope this shift goes quick. And we’ll. But I would rather be home. I’m not a huge fan of people right now. Too much drama and I don’t care to be a part of it despite their best efforts. I ought to wrap this up. I know there are things I wanted to share with you but no idea what they are right now. Hopefully I can remember and make notes over the course of the day. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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