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From the Trenches

Yesterday was hard. I was tempted to come home several times. But I stuck it out. Work was busy in that we have a store reset going on as well as several delivery trucks coming in. Oh and they are working on building the new smokehouse as well. The frustrating part is that there was no parking for us employees. The builders and people that work for Spartan took up all our parking.

I’m not sure how today will be. I think the reset is done but since I went out the front door I have no idea on the progress of the smokehouse. Since it is Friday it could be busy or it could be slow. Normally we would be going into our slow time but…

I am struggling to stay awake. I kept waking up. I have essentially been awake since around 4 or 5am. One of those you peer at the clock every little while to see how much more “sleep” you can get. I just want to curl up back in bed with the family.

Anxiety was a fun added spice this morning. I have nothing to be anxious about yet here I am. It didn’t help that something got Archie’s attention this morning. My quiet boy was looking toward the far kitchen window with a few woofs and growling. No idea what he saw.

I supposed I had better get to it. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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