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Struggling Through

Aaaaaand here we are back at dark o’clock. Oof. Stella has gone back to bed. Archie came in first and was on the love seat. She didn’t want to fight for space. She stood and looked at me after looking at the bedroom and I told her to go ahead. I got a tail wag and heard her hop on the bed shortly after. Archie’s has been up and down on the love seat because he doesn’t like me being in my phone. He thinks the screen is too bright. Even on it’s lowest setting.

I’m not sure if I’m feeling better or worse. I just know I’m really tired and it hurts everything to cough even a little. Bah humbug.

I got everything I needed done yesterday. It was a near thing at times because it was hard to function. Despite this I was proclaimed the favorite manager of most of the staff last night.

Today I need to touch base with the store owner so I can get the newsletter printed. I have my photos to put in but I need whatever he is going to write in his section. So we’ll hope for the best.

I’d better get myself together to go in. Thanks for reading and stay safe.!

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