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Finding Forward

I stare at the flashing cursor and listen to the crows out front. I still need to water my plants. Trash also needs to get wheeled out to the road. Archie is enthusiastically chewing a bone. Stella is asleep on her back behind me, in a nest of blankets. The skies are dark. The snow is pretty much gone with the exception of a small pile here and there in the front yard. More rain is in the forecast.

I am feeling very blah at the moment. Tomorrow is the two year anniversary since I lost Moose. I did talk with my Uncle yesterday afternoon. It was a short conversation as he was at work but we exchanged a lot of information. I think he does want to reconnect with us but I am sure that Mom will not make the effort. So I guess it falls to me to be liaison. She does want to know things as she peppered me with questions. Atleast there is that.

I honestly didn’t do much other than watch tv yesterday. I worked on my novel a little after I got my blog posted. I was reading through one of my writing magazines and a few of the articles struck a note in the novel for me. So that was good.

I feel as though I should’ve gotten that dirt the other day on the way home. My violet is not a happy plant. But I am happy to say that my pineapple is doing well. It has been in dirt for a week or so now. I am very excited! So that gives me my banana tree, orange tree and pineapple that I am growing from scratch. Well, my pepper plants too since I started them from seed.

I am not looking forward to work but all I will do here is curl up on the couch and watch tv. I need to go in to work. I told myself that if I still felt bad tomorrow I would consider calling in. I just have too much to do today to call in. And since Thursday is an early shift I probably will not call in then either. We’ll see.

I guess I ought to wrap this up. I need to atleast water my plants before I go. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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