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A Bit of Blah

Today is going to be a hard day. My whole neck hurts due to the fact that I had to come out to the living room and sleep sitting up in the love seat around 6:30am. I got to 5:30am in bed before I had to try to sleep sitting up. If I didn’t my throat would get a tickle and I would start coughing. My throat is sore and swollen. Sometimes it is hard to swallow. It’s like it is swelling shut sometimes. So I am trying to drink hot liquids. That helps.

Laundry got started yesterday. With Chris’s help I now only have one load to go. So once this is posted I will fold what is in the dryer and rung the last load through. I will stop for meat for the pups on the way home from the vet’s with Archie. I might stop for dirt. I have several plants that need to be repotted. But if I’m not going to do it I won’t pick the dirt up. I have no place to keep it unless I use it. (Even then I have too many potted plants in the house, lol.)

There isn’t much else to tell. I am extremely sore and tired. I would read but I would probably fall asleep. I will have to find something to keep myself occupied for a bit before we have to leave. It has been dark and dreary here. Not much in the way of things being photogenic. So I have been recycling older photos from years past. I hope you have an amazing day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

6 thoughts on “A Bit of Blah”

  1. Oh, Jen, sorry you are feeling rough. Here is a suggestion given me by Cody. Boil a coarsest chopped onion -skins and all – for 20-30 minutes then strain out the onion pieces and place liquid in a jar. Heat or refrigerate – whichever feels better. Surprising how good. Take a T as needed for cough or congestion.
    Love you!

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  2. Oh noes, so sorry your got that bug. Try hot beer with a bit of honey in it. I know, it sounds somewhat horribad but it’s an ancient regional remedy for sore throat, cold and everything that comes along with it.
    Get well soon girl!

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    1. Thank you! I don’t know if it’s a bug so much as I seem to always have liquid in my left ear. I think that liquid is drain down the back of my throat. I will happily try your suggestion. Thank you❤️


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