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Getting Closer

The temperature drop is on the way. Yay. I was supposed to go shopping with the Girls on Friday but I might have to bail. I am going to have to get up at 4am to do my liquor order since we are closed on Sunday for Christmas. I need get in touch and tell them. That will be a bummer because a. I wanted to spend time with them and b. I have a few more bits that I want to get.

Archie is restless this morning. He let me sleep in (it seems that Stella has taken to sleeping on the love seat the past two nights) til almost 9am. We went to bed at a decent hour. I think that helped.

We had a Christmas miracle! Dad actually called to talk. Acted like nothing had ever happened. He calmly said that he was staying in his apartment and was looking for a nurse to stop by a few days a week. While I was glad to hear from him I was still a bit frustrated. I think we chatted for about 4 hours.

I did spend a good portion of my day on my novel. I am trying to make headway with my main character. Chris said home because he got sick on breakfast. For once my constitution was stronger than his. I didn’t have any issues. We had the same thing to eat. It tasted good but unfortunately something in it wasn’t.

Today will be more work on the novel and at the very least watering the plants. I also need to do a little baking. I have to have a dish to pass for tomorrow. I am thinking of going the easy route and just doing biscuits or something. I haven’t decided.

I guess I am done. Chris has gotten up early and now the dogs are getting too loud. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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