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Spreading Smiles

I tried to sleep in. I really did. But I just wasn’t meant to. Last night was late but worth it. I had forgotten that we invited the Girls over for game night. We thought about it last Sunday but I had my meeting in the morning so staying up wasn’t much of an option. This Sunday I had no prior commitments. We ended up making up our own rules for the game (aka none) and ended up in tears at times because we were laughing so hard. The pups were ready for bed almost as soon as darkness fell. Unfortunately for them it was a few hours later that we actually went to bed. It has been a busy week for all of us. With various meetings and events going on outside the house to all the unexpected company we have enjoyed.

Yesterday’s work shift went pretty well too. I got gifted some amazing goodies. Even better I got to give gifts and spread some much needed smiles on my own. I got some yummy cookies and a bowl of homemade mac and cheese (that will be my comfort food later today) as well as some melt-in-your-mouth chocolate truffles and an awesome collection of knife shaped ornaments with horror icons on them.

I need to nurse my banana tree. Somehow (I think when poor Archie got spooked by something) it got pushed over in the pot. It doesn’t feel like the main stem is broken so I have propped it up and given it some extra food to help it heal. I need to sit down and get a plan together for everything. I’ll start with the basics. Who needs to be repotted, what am I going to plant where for my upcoming gardens, where and what kind of greenhouse I am going to put up.

Archie’s new bed arrived yesterday. I had intended to keep it til Christmas but he couldn’t get comfortable yesterday morning so I decided that I would give it to him after I got home from work. I also gave Stella her new body pillow. Both have gone over well. They both love the new huge dog bed. It is big enough for both of them to stretch out on. This morning I have put a few blankets on there for him.

I just glanced at the clock and saw the time. I need to wrap this up and write my little article on Santa’s arrival at our store on Saturday. I hope the photos turned out (I’ll share some here). Then it will be on to my novel I think. I am very excited about that. Ahhhh the first snowplow of the season! (It just rumbled by.) Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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