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A Day Closer

I love my Secret Santa gift! It is a Friday the 13th collectible pen! I laughed my butt off! My Secret Santa was my Secret Santa (we got each other’s name)! We probably had the easier time getting gifts of everyone!🤣

Santa arrived via fire truck at work. And I almost missed it again. Thankfully I arrived 10 minutes early so I did get a few quick shots with him by the fire truck. It was a bit crazy there so as soon as I got my photos I bolted.

I still have a few more gifts to buy. I may venture out Monday or Tuesday. The gifts I did get have been delayed so I would like something for them to open on the big day.

This will be the last week of Christmas anything! (I know there are plenty of people that feel that way about Halloween.) It will be a relief but then on to New Year’s! And inventory. I am still trying to figure the best way to tackle it. I can’t precount on my beer because I get a delivery the day before.

If I had Archie’s bed I would give it to him now instead of waiting for Christmas! He has been on the couch, the floor using Stella’s body pillow and is on the other side of the room on the floor using a couch pillow. He can’t seem to get comfortable.

Today is the start of the Ugly Sweater contest. I will share what photos I can. I am only taking photos today. The contest is through Tuesday.

The clock tells me I need to get going for work. 5am. Ugh. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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