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I am miserable. I barely got any sleep because my brain went into anxiety overdrive. We had company until late (for me) but we had a good time. The pups did too (Archie’s grandparents came over to see him) and were properly spent when they left. Chris came home early so I said I would wait up. About the time I fell asleep he would be home so it was just easier for me. When I got to bed I was hit by a huge wave of anxiety.

I am falling asleep as I type this. Work has seemed extra long because we haven’t been very busy. I think that will be repeated today. We got about an inch of snow but there is a solid layer of ice under that snow. Hopefully roads will be clear for Santa arriving this afternoon. I will just be taking a few photos before bolting back home. I just want to sleep.

I need to get myself together and get out the door. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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