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Mother Nature Bites Back

Not sure if this will post or not as the power has gone out. A wild and windy night has turned into a wild, windy and wet morning. The wind is getting really bad. Last night when I tried to get into the house after work it ripped the screen door from my hands. Apparently the handle caught my hand because I have a nice hole/gouge just below my middle finger. I think I finally got it to stop bleeding while I was asleep. I went through several bandaids.

This morning I had to go out with Archie or else he would go out to go potty. Stella just flat out refused to even consider it. I knew Archie couldn’t hold it so I am glad I got him out. I discovered someone peed on my shower rug. Stella was very intently sniffing it as I was brushing my teeth. When I leaned over to see what she was doing I got a big whiff. I was too tired to yell at anyone.

I didn’t sleep well between my hand and the dry cough I managed to get. Once Chris got home things seemed to settle down. I was so out that my alarm had to wake me.

Nuts. I just realized that I won’t be able to bring Archie Saturday to be my Max. With my hand there is gonna be no way to control him and my camera. And act all Grinchie.

Archie’s grandparents (the couple I got him from) want to come and see him either today or tomorrow. She’s going to let me know today what’s up. I told her I would have treats for her pups when they came over. I hope I have enough treats. I started handing them out yesterday and then several more people expressed interest. So I’m either going to have to say no or buy some gloves to wear on my hand.

The rain is lashing at the back windows. I wonder if the power will go out again. I need to wrap this up. I have to hold the phone with my hurt hand and it is letting me know my time is up. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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