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Coming to an End

Well, that was my last long morning. I got my last two meeting articles written and sent in. Saturday is the Christmas thing at work. That will be my last article. It kinda makes me sad. I will miss being in the thick of things. I was able to say goodbye to several people though.

I gave Archie a bone to keep him busy while I wrote my articles. Stella was content to sleep (bless her). Now that I am trying to write this he has decided that he has finished his bone and wants my undivided attention. I loved on him a bit, now he’s outside. I am still a bit in shock that I have written my last articles for meetings. Sorry if I keep coming back to that.

I have about another 800 treats to make for gifts. I have over 250 made but I also know that some of them won’t come out right (and my resident testers need to test some from each batch). I cranked through as many as I could before last night’s meeting. So I need to get more done today. I may have added to my batch. I just remembered another pet parent I work with. I am not really fond of her but it would be rude to not give her some. So I guess I am looking at another 200 (she has several dogs and I figured about 50 per pup). I also promised Chris peanut butter pancakes (he smelled the treats baking yesterday and thought I made him breakfast). So a lot of baking is gonna be happening today. If I can get it all done today I will try to take them to work tomorrow. I’m going to have to carry some of the treats in the car because they are for customers/friends.

I am happy to report that I got even more Christmas shopping done yesterday! Go me! And as a reward the shipping gods have got my Supernatural box arriving today! YAY!!! I have my Horror Box that shouldn’t be that far behind it.

I still haven’t broken down and gotten a tree. I would prefer one we can plant outside (1. because it like the idea and 2. I know Archie will drink the water for tree). The problem there is that I need a place to plant it. Yes we have 5 acres but we have so much pine that the ground is becoming acidic. So I don’t want to plant it on our property.

Dad texted me yesterday telling me that he now has to move to a care facility. I feel bad for him because that was one of the reasons he gave for wanting to move there. They don’t shuffle their older people off to care facilities. But that is just what they are doing. I will try again to see if he wants to talk today. I can’t not.

Speaking of which, my dear friend that lives down the road and I chatted yesterday. It had been since Thanksgiving that I had heard from her, It turns out that she went into a dark place but she did reach out for help. Her son also called her and asked for her help as his Mom. He is in a mental health facility and wants her to come down to Arizona for a few months to help him get himself together. She is slated to leave within a week or so. He will pay for her rent doe a few months so she doesn’t lose her place and her job has agreed to hold her position for her. I told her I was very proud of her. I think going to be with her son could be the best thing for her right now.

I guess I should wrap this up and get it posted. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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