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Finding Out

This will be my last morning meeting. It feels… weird yet a good thing. As much as I love writing for the paper I think this change is needed. I am secretly hoping to find someone there already covering it so I can focus on everything else I have going. I plan to stop at the news office and verify if I am covering meetings this month.

I have Archie Bear asleep in my lap as I write this. Stella is still asleep on my pillow in bed. I will have to cover her breakfast up before I put it in the fridge.

I made stuffed green peppers last night using some venison we were given. It turned out well except for the seasoning. I got the meat mixture tasting good but when I mixed it with the rice and baked it the flavors seemed to disappear. It all tasted rather bland. But I kept the green peppers crispy. I don’t like soggy peppers.

I should probably wrap this up so I can head out the door. I need to remember to get kibble for Stella in the way home. I want to try to get some more shopping done too. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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