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Amp Up the Crazy

I hope that today is not as crazy as yesterday. I am a bit stressed out because I don’t know what I can do to help Dad. It seems he may be facing eviction from his apartment but no one seems to know why. Dad is beside himself. He has lived nowhere else in his time living in Montréal. And at 80 years old having to possibly pack up your life again and move…. It might be the thing that pushes him over the edge.

It seems as though I will be dressing as the Grinch next Saturday. I will be allowed to bring Archie with me to play Max. We worked on some more training last night in preparation for the event. If I don’t think he is up for it I will leave him home.

Yesterday I had a customer give me a Christmas card and thank me for all my hard work. He also to me to keep it up. Inside the card was $50. I about fell over. Then I got a nice note from the editor of the paper with my check.

We had someone out to look at the appliances yesterday. The oven needs further help. Chris has ordered the part and will replace it himself. The fridge may or may not be fixed. When I got home and over the course of the night the interior was defiantly colder and it is making ice. That being said this morning it has started to feel warm again. So.

I need to get this wrapped up. I have to go start my car and get out the door for work. I am so very grateful for a short shift today! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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