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This morning I find myself in a funk. Before bed I found out that a regular customer (and family member of a coworker) died. He had been helping his wife recover from a stroke she had almost a year ago. It was always entertaining to see them together in the store. She was a tiny woman who was very feisty (the stroke was very hard for her as she is very independent) and he was the large man (over 6ft tall) who took all her remarks with a loving smile. I know that she is devastated. Then all over the news there seems to be an influx of death. More than normal.

I never got a response from the coworker that offered to switch shifts with me. I got ahold of the paper and explained the situation. Hopefully they did find someone to cover it. I got a response this morning that my coworker “just got” my message. I sent it yesterday morning and followed up several times. Of all the meetings I wanted to be able to go to this one and say goodbye. I will write an email and send it.

The pups are bored. Archie wants to be busy but Stella is used to the quiet in our morning routine. As the day wears on I am not thrilled about being outside so I try to encourage zoomies and playing so I can coax them outside to run around.

I still need to get myself together for the holidays. I have ideas but I have executed none. A guy is supposed to come out to look at both the oven and fridge between 11am and 2pm today. Hopefully it won’t cost an arm and a leg.

I am just sitting here staring at the screen. I guess I will take that as a hint and wrap this up. I should send in my word count for last month as well. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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