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The Christmas Scramble (and I Don’t Mean Brunch)

I am feeling a bit stressed. I have three articles to write, which isn’t really the big deal. The big deal is that I have to sit through two meeting recordings. I have no idea how long they are. I intended to get this written and posted earlier but Stella was a bit upset when we got up. She had spent the night in Chris’s office on the couch while Archie was in bed with us. I didn’t even get a tail wag when I came in to see her. Archie was a good boy and stayed in the living room while I gave Stella some one-on-one time. Right now they are both curled up behind me on the love seat. I have covered Stella up (when I went in to see her this morning she was in this tiny little ball trying to stay warm). She is snuggled into the blanket I brought home yesterday. It is REALLY soft and cozy. It was supposed to be for Archie to lay on but then I was with him and decided I liked it too. And now Stella has laid her claim. So I guess it is now the family blanket.

There is so much to do! I am trying to figure out Christmas ideas. Dad seems to be sending me something that he would like better than myself. I need to figure out my plans for my Secret Santa. I am on my third person for Secret Santa at work. The last person drew the last name yesterday. Out of 14 people she managed to get her own name. So I switched with her. But I didn’t want her to know who her person was so I switched with someone else. That turned out to be an even better thing because the person I switched with had no ideas for the name she had gotten. I was close to the person she drew and she knows the person I had well so it was a win/win! But I need to get buying my gifts. And making the puppy treats. I have several hundred that I plan to give out to various families.

I finally got a prototype of the newsletter I hope to put out for work completed. I saved a copy and printed a copy. The printed copy I photographed with my phone and sent to the store owner. He seemed very impressed by it. My goal is to have the first one ready to go by the new year. I have touched base with everyone that I need to get information from (I told them I would write the articles if they provided me with the information… such as new things coming to the deli and meat department and a list of recommended wines from our wine consultant) and explained that I needed as much as they could give me as soon as they could. Inventory is the 31st so I need to have everything together before then.

Speaking of having everything together I need to wrap this up and get going with the first article. I will need to duck into my office to watch the videos since I cannot find a single set of ear buds anywhere. But the first article will be for the Christmas event yesterday afternoon. Since the Grinch was there I am thinking of writing the article in the voice of Dr. Suess. I also need to download my photos to send. I will share them here as well. It will be a nice change. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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