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Moving Through December

It is crazy how fast this month is going! I need to start buying my gifts for everyone. The last step in organizing the Secret Santa happens today. The last person gets to draw a name. Then it’s on to organizing the potluck.

Gah! I just found out that there actually was a meeting the other day. The Government Office was wrong. I am kind of bummed. I wanted to say goodbye to everyone. The flip side is that the recording for the meeting has already posted (bless them!) so that means I will crank out three articles Monday. I need to set myself an alarm so that I don’t leave work and just come home and stay. I will forget with everything going on.

I have (not so) little Archie sleeping next to me on the loveseat. He is dreaming about chasing something. I told him tomorrow at this time we would be sound asleep. I do need to make sure I have enough time for my articles. I need to make sure my earbuds are charged so I can watch the mattering recordings as well.

I should wrap this up and head to work. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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