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Typing on the Run

Instead of an alarm this morning I woke to Archie getting sick. Things come out a lot quicker from him. He barely made it to the doorway. It looked like a furry stuffed animal but I am not missing any. Sigh. Better out than in I guess. Unfortunately that was 15 minutes before my alarm was set to go off, 10 once I got back into bed.

Work was pretty fun. The running joke was the store owner thought I should dress like an elf (I told him I was covering our Santa event for the paper). I adamantly refused saying I was a Grinch about Christmas. So I’m a change of tack he decided I could dress like the Grinch instead. After a moment I said I would. Only if I could have Archie there dressed as Max (I have antlers he can wear… yes I know he only has one in the original). As things stand he will be talking to the store manager to see if I can bring Archie with me, lol.

I need to bolt. I hope you have an amazing day! Thanks for reading!

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