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Mitigating the Migraine

I’ve had maybe an hours sleep. With the weather changes the headache has become a migraine. I just want to curl up and be left alone.

I have both pups wrapped around me on the love seat. Chris is asleep in bed. I would give a lot to stay home with them today.

I have to stop at the post office on the way home. Our neighbor on the corner sent me a text last night letting me know that our mail person told her she needs to put her mailbox with ours. She has one by her house. No one sees a need to move it. I done want her mailbox on our property. That means she (or her boyfriend) will be stopping out front at all hours. They have a sketchy relationship. We don’t need that drama out front. So I need to find out what is up.

All is set for me to get out a little early Sunday so I can cover the Kids Christmas Party. I just need to figure out if I am stopping by home before I go to the park. Probably not. I will just have to bring my camera to work with me.

We drew names for the Secret Santa yesterday. I think there are three people left that need to draw names. Everyone seems very excited about it. I also am pulling the pot luck together I guess. Someone asked me to ask the manager if we could have one this year so I did. Now somehow I am in charge of it.

I think I will wrap this up and try some more medicine for my head. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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