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Feeling Good

Well yesterday was a full day for me! I did laundry, dishes, watered the plants, filled the bird feeder, swept the kitchen, played with the pups AND made my first turkey soup from scratch! It turned out really well. I boiled all the wings and made my own broth then once I got the meat off the wings (I let them cook for several hours) I added all kinds of fresh stuff: potatoes, onions, mixed veggies and even fresh herbs from my garden. This time I added about half a stick of butter for a nice rich flavor base.

Stella is beside me on the love seat smiling. I have covered her up and wadded a blanket for a pillow beneath her head. She was so cute when she nibbled the blanket before trying to cover herself up with it.

Archie is on the floor chewing a bone. He has been very good about giving Stella her space this morning. Last night he decide that he wasn’t close enough to me (Stella was beside me) so he wedged himself across the top of my head. There wasn’t any room so he would whine every little while until I finally scooted down further on the bed. Then he oozed himself further onto my pillow.

I have a full morning planned. As soon as I post this I am headed to Kalkaska then to Mom’s with a few stops in between. My goal is to be home by noon or so.

I do have several new photos to share. Hopefully I have enough room in my media. If I don’t I will update as soon as I get home. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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