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A Little Bit of Everything

Here we are at our usual dark o’clock Sunday morning time! Stella is beside me on the love seat and Archie is chewing a bone. I don’t know if today will be very busy at work. Yesterday certainly wasn’t with the exception of the two hours when everyone woke and did the mad dash to get stuff before the Michigan/Ohio game. I managed to get a lot done. Unfortunately that mean that all three of my carry outs were looking for something to do. It came down to having them clean shelves aisle by aisle. I have no idea if the night manager continued that or not.

Yesterday was also a time of reconnecting with old friends. I had several friends I’d not seen or talked to reach out yesterday. Some stopped by the store while others called or messaged. It was nice to catch up with everyone.

The pups went for their first walk together. I just took them out on the property but they both did really well (despite having to constantly keep the leashes from entangling). They both had harnesses on and I got shorter leads for both of them out. It was a beautiful day out.

I should probably wrap this up. Hopefully Archie stays out of trouble while I am gone. Yesterday he got into a plant and destroyed it while Chris was in the other room. I hope you have an maxing day! Thanks for reading and stay safe! (I’ll try to get some new photos to share over the next few days.)

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