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Doggie Dynamics

Another morning up before the sun. I didn’t sleep well as I slept light enough to wake whenever Archie got up. I kept the light on as well (but dim) in hopes that he would stay in the bedroom and sleep instead of getting into things. It was successful.

Stella is feeling left out. Everytime I go to give her love Archie is right there. When I let them out this morning she came in first so I loved on her as much as I could before letting Archie in. My goal when I get home is to take each of them for a walk on the back 40. I want to do them separately because if he freaks out I will need both hands. And I think Stella deserves a little alone time.

Our meat department at work specially ordered bones for us.❤️I am hoping that it will help him not chew on things he ought not to. We have been out at work so it has been several days since they have had any to chew. Which is about the time he started getting into things.

Aaaaaaand the clock tells me I have a few minutes before I need to be out the door. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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