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Busy Day of Thanks

Both pups are trying to sleep behind be. Archie Bear is using Stella as a pillow and she’s not sure that she wants to do that. So they will each pick up their head and readjust.

Dinner turned out amazing! Chris smoked the turkey for several hours and not only was it moist but we had a time getting it onto a plate because it just fell apart. The whole dinner was the best he’s done so far.

My friend did come over. It was the photo of the two pups that I sent the got her over here. I took a picture with my phone of both of them looking out the window. Then I sent it to her saying that they were looking for her. I guess she was planning on not coming until I sent that. I am not above cheating! But she was glad she came over and I am too.

Archie is starting to get into things. He ate part of my pillow and I caught him eating mail off the table after I went to bed. We are thinking he is going through another growth spurt. I gave him an extra bowl of kibble yesterday afternoon and and extra bowl this morning. He was going through his breakfast as if he was starving. I hope we have bones at work. That seems to help him a lot. I also hope that he doesn’t get into anything while I am gone.

I should have an order to put out today. I think my misship for my liquor will be ours. I never got a call back. I will try again today. I don’t think we will be too busy (my heart goes out to the retail workers doing Black Friday, I don’t miss it AT ALL) but I will have lots to do. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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