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This morning has started in a funk. I didn’t sleep well, anxiety woke me several times. Reading the news did not help. Mostly negative stuff. Both pups are behind me asleep. They cuddle well together. Stella struggles some days because Bear is so very present. She can’t go anywhere without him wanting to follow (much like Stella did to Essie when Stella first arrived).

Today is Thanksgiving and we are due to have company later. I am pretty sure that both are phones will be busy with well wishes for the holiday from friends and family alike. I am just feeling very blah about it all. Trying to talk with either of my parents has become very frustrating. Whenever I send Dad a text and email (I always send both) to ask if he wants to Facetime I either get no response at all or several days later he asks when do I want to talk. Even when I put the date that I am sending it on there. Mom. Mom is frustrating to talk to because she is in her own little world. She has the tv blaring in the background whenever we talk. Talking to her the simple becomes difficult. She has problems understanding a simple explanation or grasping a simple concept. She will laugh at things that I am serious about thinking the situation is funny. Texting isn’t any easier. I try to be patient. I really do. Even when they get upset with me because I don’t talk for very long (they forget that I am still working full time etc).

I feel guilty typing all this but today it is how I feel. I can only do so much. I try to take care of everyone as best I can. I fall short a lot I know. But I do try.

I don’t have any new photos to share. So I will have to go back through my library on here and pull up a few to share. Sorry this has been a bit of a downer post. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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