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Paws to Regroup

Well this is a late late post today. I decided that I was going to not look at the clock and just sleep as much as I needed. That meant about 12 hours, give or take. I am not sure if it was all good sleep as at times I woke up in pain but that’s ok. I need all I can get. Both pups were even in bed with us when I woke up. Right now Archie Bear is chewing a bone. Stella is behind me asleep. I don’t know if the bone chewing is too loud. I don’t want to wake Chris up. Bear is trying to keep himself occupied. The other option is the squeaky toy with the working squeaker. I had to take that one away.

The snow has stopped but the wind has picked up where the snow left off. It is definitely winter! I need to try boots on Bear (I may wait since his paws don’t seem to have a problem with the cold whereas poor Stella was trying to play with only three paws on the ground yesterday) as well as size him for a hoodie. Stella was wearing hers yesterday because it got a nasty cold once that wind started, even with the sun out.

I am trying to find a balance for the two pups. Stella needs to get out for atleast a car ride soon. Bear doesn’t like cars but he might be ok if Stella was with him. Also, should I take Stella on her own? Does she need some “no Archie Bear time”? I want to get him used to going for car rides for something other than going to the vet’s. I try not to give more attention to one or the other but there are times that it happens. With several days in a row off I am hoping to get some training and such in.

I need to send some photos to Archie Bear’s Grandma as well. She asked for the occasional update and some photos. I feel like I have been crazy busy and not gotten anything done. By the time I get home I am pooped but I try to spend quality time with the pups before I have to go to bed. I also try to fit in keeping in touch with family and friends which has sadly fallen by the wayside. I respond to text messages but the responses are usually brief. Part of me is glad I decided to step down from the paper for next year. I will miss it though.

I just remembered that I need to clean out some space for new photos if I am going to add any. That means I need to wrap this up. And the pups are getting restless. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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