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Bright In the Dark

The struggle is real my friends. I am struggling to function. I have fallen asleep several times while trying to do this. Both pups want to go back to bed but are staying up with me. I am grateful.

Yesterday was a success at home and at work. At home the pups were angels while I was at work. At work I managed to get everything but my price checking done. My liquor order came in and it had a bunch of my gift sets so I had to do some rearranging as well as putting new prices into the system. I got the beer cave filled and my back stock rearranged. as well as my cigarette order completed.

I was struggling to stay upright with my daytime cold medicine. I usually do the liquid gels but we only had the caplets so I went with them. Once again they made me sicker. I found myself struggling not to pass out as the medicine made me very lightheaded. The flip side is that without it I could get a tickle in my throat and start coughing uncontrollably at the drop of a hat. I did just that because I did not take my last does of the day. I just couldn’t.

One of the bright spots was one of my customers who makes his own jewelry gave me a beautiful glass capsule filled with opals.❤️ I just love it! I will try to get a photo of it at one point.

I see by the clock I need to get myself moving. A storm is supposed to roll through today. We’ll see how bad it gets. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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