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Doggie Duo

Oh my goodness! So busy! I was hoping not to have to go out today but I am out of medicine. And when I need to put more in my system that is when the coughing gets out of control. So I am getting better but I am not out of the woods yet! For as busy as I was yesterday things went pretty smooth. The biggest moment for me was when I came home from the second meeting. I put Bear (I have named him Archie Bear) in the cage because I wasn’t sure how he would do (he only gets into things once, he is told no and he listens). When I got home I was greeted by two dogs. Not one. Do you know that he got into nothing? I am so very proud! Part of me is waiting for the other shoe to drop. He is such a good boy! Tomorrow will be another test. I am closing so it will be a long day for them. Then we’ll see how he does with Chris while I am at work in the mornings. Right now he is snoring in my lap. I am thinking of using some of my sick time next week and take some extra time off (Chris will have the whole week off).

Bear will be a very big boy if he grows into his paws. He is just a big cuddle bug. He doesn’t like it when we bark/sing. He tends to hide behind me. He turned 6 months old yesterday. I called and have a vet appointment set up for him. He will need his rabies shot and he needs to be fixed. He’s not a fan of cars (he gets spooked when they drive by if he is out in the yard I guess). I had to pick him up to get him into the car to bring him home. Since I need to go get medicine I might bring them with. But I may not. I might just run to the store and run back. I do need to get him acclimated to going in the car though. Stella loves rides so that should help.

Winter has officially moved in. Snow, ice and wind have been our constant companions. Bah humbug. I am going to share some photos and then get this posted. Both pups are dreaming right now. Good grief! I hate to wake them to get the camera but….. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

5 thoughts on “Doggie Duo”

      1. I got him from a customer at work. She had come in and mentioned that she had forgotten to bring the flyer she made because she was looking for homes for pups from an oops litter. We got to talking and she thought I would be a good Mom for one of them. We set up to meet that Sunday and the little (hahaha) guy came home with us.

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