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Big BIG Changes

This will be a somewhat brisk and possibly garbled post. So much has gone on in the past 24 hours! I have given my notice at the paper. As much as I love my job there I just can’t give them the quality articles that they deserve. I have so much going on with all my new responsibilities at the store I am cramming my life into my two days off. And when (like today) one of those days off has two meetings that makes everything harder. Today will be crazy because yesterday we brought home a new family member. His name is Bear (we both keep calling him Moose on accident because he is so much like him). He is 6 months old. He is a very good boy and listens for the most part. He is actually very well behaved for his size and age (at 6 months he is the same size as Stella who is 5 years). I had forgotten about the meetings when the opportunity to get him came up. So I will run to Elk Rapids for the first meeting and then come back home to hopefully a happy family (Chris and Stella are still in bed… Bear won’t sleep in bed so around 6am I came out here to sleep on the couch with him because he was crying). I don’t know what he will do on his own. We have a cage set up for him for when we are both gone (that will be later tonight when I go to my second meeting). But you see what I mean? my life is just getting so busy that I have to let somethings go. I sent an email to both the newspaper owner and my editor. I said I would work through the rest of the year but after the first of January I would be done. I haven’t heard anything yet.

Bear (I keep calling him Moose… sigh) is wandering checking things out again. He has pulled out most of the bones from their toy box. He and Stella seem to be getting along well. He is a bit too busy for her sometimes. And a bit too much in her business. But no fighting or anything. And I need to get this posted. Posts this week are apt to be a bit crazy so I apologize now. I will get photos of everyone today (hopefully). Sorry about no pics today. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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