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First Snow Brings New Hoodies

Our matching hoodies arrived yesterday!❤️ A bright spot to this crazy week. We all love them! They are so squishy soft both inside and out😍 Stella still has hers on (I do too for that matter). I notice that neither of us has gotten hot wearing them. Any hot flashes that have started while wearing it quickly disappeared. Stella’s fits just right and the sleeve length is perfect. I also like that her whole belly is covered. There is also a small slit for her leash just behind her hood (it also has strings to tighten it like our hoods do).

Not long after I got home our sweet friends decided to stop by. What was supposed to be a few minute visit was more like an hour but no one noticed. It was good to have them over. I also received a crocheted headband to keep my ears warm as a gift. She started masking them a few weeks ago not long before we all went to see “Rocky Horror Picture Show” together. She has been going great guns ever since. She can crank one out in about 30 minutes.

The only negative from yesterday was getting a tail end (say the last several inches) of Stella’s tail wagging at full force right across my left eye. It felt like getting snapped by a whip. It hurt like hell and woke me out of a dead sleep. My eye watered for a good 30 minutes and feels like it is still swollen. I am not sure about bruising as it is dark still. We’ll see what I look like when I get into my car.

Which I need to do soon. I will share photos tomorrow of all this. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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