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This cold is kicking my butt. A messed up sleep schedule isn’t helping. I may come home early today. We’ll see how things go. We have a winter weather advisory through tomorrow morning at 7am. Things will be interesting.

I think I might have to change my day to meet the two pups. Maybe back to Monday. Right now when I lay on my back everything drains into my throat and lungs. So that means I am starting the coughing portion of the process. I will say that every day seems to be a different thing!

I need to stay at work long enough for our carry out to get there. We normally don’t have one until around 9am. But we’ll see how I feel.

I am excited about Sunday though! The local fire department is doing a pancake breakfast to raise money in Sunday morning. The store donate a bunch of sausage links for it. When one of the guys came to pick it up he invited us down. I asked how long it lasted since I worked the morning shift. He said 11am. I frowned and said I was sorry I was going to miss it. So he offered to bring us all breakfast!😍 It is going to be so yummy! I will see if anyone who is working will want to give some money (I’ve already got some set aside).

The clock is telling me I need to wrap this up and get ready for work. Hopefully I can feel better as the day goes on. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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