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Craziness and Options

This medicine has me all over the place mentally. Part of me is still asleep, another part is trying to wake up while yet another part is already trying to get through my day. I made it through yesterday but it was crazy. When I got there I found out that about half of the parking lot was blocked off. So that meant parking on the grassy hills on the other side of the store (by the time I got out my car had sunk about 1/4 inch). Then there was the fiasco with the new phone system. They were trying to get it installed and teach everyone how to use it. Since I had just me to run various things so others could get taught I never got to go back and learn. By the time I got back there the guy had started packing it all up. He knew I hadn’t been back yet.

I almost didn’t get my cigarette order done and my liquor barely got stocked because I was seemingly needed everywhere. Not long after my shift started someone cut a finger on the meat slicer in the deli. So that was a while filling out the accident report and then making sure all was well. (It wasn’t serious thankfully.) it just seemed to be one thing after another.

I have found a possible pup for us. He is just down the street on Valley. He looks very much like Moose. There are only two boys. One looks like Moose and the other is a brindle like Stella. I am hoping to go meet him Monday or Tuesday. If it goes well then I will bring him home to meet Stella and Chris. There is still the pup downstate but I’ve not heard back from his owner. I like both options but I am leaning toward the local one. If something happens or it doesn’t work out they are just around the corner (literally). I would hate to drive all the way downstate for things not to work out once I got him home.

I should wrap this up. Wish me luck today. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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