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What Just Hit Me?

I am hoping that this is just a really bad cold. I can’t call in because there is no one to cover my shifts. I would give a lot to have the next few days off but it’s not gonna happen. I didn’t sleep much despite being tired. My body just aches to the point of hurting. Stella has been very patient and stayed by my side pretty much all day yesterday. This morning she is behind me on the love seat under a blanket.

Despite feeling crappy I did get some things done around the house. I caught up on dishes and I got my plants watered. I was going to try to clean the mouse cage out but I just ran out of energy. I won’t be able to tackle it until I get home from work tomorrow. I need to get the turtle cage and snake cage done as well. Those will have to be different days.

I tried to go through my media on here yesterday but I did not get very far. I underestimated the emotional toll of going through all my photos. I did as much as I could. So that will be another project for another day. Even if I do it once a week. I tried working on my novel but I did not get very far. I ended up with a lot of notes in my journal. Atleast it is something.

This week’s liquor order was very small. The lion’s share was not available from my one distributor. I mean nothing was available from them. I have no idea what is going on with them. This isn’t the first time either. I am going to sit down with the store owner and see what he thinks. That won’t be until Friday though. I still might shoot him a text. I might call the distributor as well to see what is up.

I suppose I will get this posted so I can try to get ready for work. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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