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Stella is behind me under a blanket sleeping. It is a good day for it. The sky is a bit overcast and we had a hard frost last night so there is an icy glaze to the world outside. I got research reading for my novel done yesterday. I took a few notes as I went. I am thinking I might keep doing that today. It seems to be help generating ideas.

The bird feeder has been nonstop busy! I am glad I can help the little ones. I will probably need to refill it today. The waxwings are arriving in droves it seems. So far… four different birds? Maybe six since there are two different woodpeckers that are hanging out. I will start to take photos of them here soon. I need to save and delete my photos from my blog. That way I will have more space for the new ones (I have also decided that after this 12 month period is done I am going back to the free version of WordPress as the extra money I am paying gets me nothing). I even trimmed back some bushes so I’ll have a clear view to the bird feeder.

Honestly all I want to do is sleep. I’m not feeling any better. I am just trying to fake it and get through my days. I should water my plants once I get this posted. Now that the furnace is going the house is drying out. I usually need to water my plants twice a week. A few need to be repotted but that will have to wait. I should trim a few down too.

I have two meetings next Monday so that will give me all day Tuesday to get my other stuff done. Oh nuts… I forgot to send in my word count for last month. So that also needs to go one my list. I don’t know how much I will get done but I will try. Mom and I were texting a bit yesterday. She has a doctor’s appointment today and will probably be out doing a bunch of running so calling her won’t happen. I could see if Dad wants to chat. The last few times he hasn’t felt good so it was a no go. Right now I am not up to it. We’ll see how I feel later this afternoon.

I should get this posted. I am sorry for all the repeat photos. I am going to clean out my media once I get this live and I should be able to get new photos to share on a regular basis. I have a bunch of stuff on my camera to download and share. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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