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Fall Is Here

My body is rebelling again. If I am not feeling sick to my stomach then everything hurts. The sharp pain in my right side is getting more persistent as well. My back woke me several times over the night. For some reason my throat is sore as well. The time change hasn’t helped. I am really hoping that we finally do away with it.

My phone has been blowing up the past few days with messages from various friends that I haven’t talked to in a while. It feels pretty good to know that I’ve not been forgotten about. Several friends are moving forward in exciting ways and wanted to share. I am so happy for them!

The winds are picking up again. I cleaned up the branches in the backyard after I got home so Stella doesn’t accidentally impale herself. I also got the bird feeder filled and back up in the maple trees. The chickadees found it within minutes. Then the woodpeckers and blue jays. I need to make sure that I am keeping an eye on it daily. Payday I need to get some suet to put in either side of the feeder.

The trees are all but naked with the winds we have had. Everything just looks so sad. I think I will be looking into building myself a very basic greenhouse for the backyard. Just something to keep food growing in year round. I will start with deciding which plants I want to start with. Once I figure that then I can work on size and what type of containers I will need to set up. I am a bit excited!

Miss Stella has gotten up and apparently requires my undivided love so I had better wrap this up for now. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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