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The Tide Rolling In

Here’s to making it through the day! (I just toasted my coffee, in the dark and did not spill it. This is good!) This morning wouldn’t be as hard if last night hadn’t been so difficult. It was chaos almost from start to finish. I still have a drawer to count because it is still stuck in the first register.

The highlight of yesterday was a small indulgence. I am now the proud owner of two old pocket watches. One runs but needs the crystal replaced (I also need to fix the cover because it is impossible to get it open without a knife to pry it) while the other is intact but does not run. The second watch has an added bonus of a very old and faded photo in the back (it opens up like the front but instead of a watch face it is the photo). It looks Victorian. I could be wrong as it is very faded. But I have fallen in love with the second watch. I hope I can get it running again! I will try to remember to take photos later.

Today is Chris’s birthday. He is taking a much deserved long weekend. When I get home this afternoon I need to hop to it with the lasagna. I am trying a new recipe and cooking it on the smoker. I’ll let you know how that goes.

The clock tells me I need to wrap this up. Stella has hunkered in behind me again. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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