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Yesterday’s mail came with a lot of surprises! The lamp I had custom made several months ago arrived for starters. It was very much worth the wait! It replaced my old (from the 1980s) desk top lamp. I hated throwing it away. Many a late night was spent at that lamp! But it wouldn’t even turn on anymore. So I decided to support a local (she lives downstate) artist. She has been having medical problems so I wasn’t sure when I would get the lamp. It has a skull base and a white blood splattered shade. She even did a cool little ribbon on the top and bottom of the shade that says “HORROR”!

The second surprise that arrived was from Tito’s Handmade Vodka. A while ago I got myself what is essentially another travel mug for cold drinks. Tito’s did a spoof on all the seltzer drinks that have exploded out onto the market. You get the container and mix your own (they included recipes). The freshly made taste much better anyway. I thought it was cool so I got it (part of that money went to help animals in shelters… you can pick a charity that they will donate money from your purchase to). Well when you purchase something you can opt into a testers group and since I am the liquor manager I thought I should (ideas for work don’t ya know) I joined. I guess they send out little gifts just because. What I received was a very cool bottle stopper. They are celebrating 25 years this year so it was a commemorative stopper.

On a sad note, I found out that my tattoo artist is closing his shop. So that means that I have to find another place for my old fart and I. That tattoo is on his bucket list and I really want him to get it. So I guess I will be asking around for recommendations. I only hope that I can find someone willing to try on him since he is getting up there in age.

Things will be busy for me at work. I will be pulling down all my Halloween decorations today (my stuff at home stays up year round). I also will be doing my cigarette order and putting away one of my liquor orders. I think some friends will be stopping by at one point too. Tomorrow I have one of my reps stopping by with a new rep for our area to introduce us. And tomorrow is Chris’s birthday. I am making lasagna from scratch. I found a recipe I want to try. If it is good I will meld it with my own recipe and see what we get.

Looking at the clock I see that I need to wrap this up. I will share new photos. I have found various flowers blooming despite the cold. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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