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Moving Time and Time Moving Me

The hills behind us are covered in a fog. As the sun comes up I’m sure it will burn off but for now… About half the trees are empty. It is almost time to put up the bird feeder for winter. I need to find better places to put all my plants. The big problem is they are so big. There isn’t a good spot to put more than one in some cases. I just need to figure things out. For atleast some of them.

Yesterday I did get work done on my novel. I also set up a few goals. We’ll see how things work out. Stella is behind me curled up beneath a blanket dreaming. I wanted to take her for a walk yesterday but that never happened. She needs to get out more. I didn’t do much of anything with her. Another reason I think we need a second dog. She would have a playmate when Chris and I are not feeling too motivated. But I have stopped seriously looking. When I try to move forward to get one of the ones we find something blocks it. So if one arrives there we are. I don’t know if I will drive to the park for the walk. I might just walk in the back forty.

And here we are in November already. Soon it will be New Year’s. I need to start looking for Christmas presents. I am really bad about keeping things stashed. I like seeing people smile and be happy so I give them their stuff early. Especially if it is something I think they will really like. The Girls did that Sunday I think. I was presented with some awesome Jason Voorhes lights that also plays the music from the movie. ❤️ I will share a photo.

I find myself in a funk. It seems to happen after I spend a lot of energy on being happy or having fun stuff happen. I want to be alone to try to recharge my batteries. But at the same time my days off are needed to catch up on things. I did get dishes done yesterday. Today will be laundry. But I still haven’t talked with either of my parents or several friends that have reached out over the past few days. It’s like I spent all my people energy at work. I don’t want to deal with others and their problems. But I need to. So I guess I will put phone calls on my list for the day. Looking at the clock I need to wrap this up and get my day moving. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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