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Old Memories With New

Oh Friends… it is going to be a long and desperate day. While last night was fun that might be the nail in my coffin for this week. Stella seemed to understand it better than I as she has been a quiet cuddle bug since I got home from work yesterday.

It was good to catch up with both of our friends we all agreed that we needed to get together more often and at a more reasonable hour for all of us. It has me wondering if I should plan a few meals to have guests over. I could use a good excuse to try one of my long lost recipes.

I really missed having Chris with us. Going to see “Rocky Horror Picture Show” at a theatre (movie theatre) was one of our… shall we call it bonding experiences? We both had fun when we went in California together and still laugh about it now.

I guess our group of revelers was the largest the theatre has seen since 2019. We filled the house. Everyone had fun and knew the words to atleast one or two of the songs. Like me there were a lot of people adding new memories to old (one gal in line with us was at the actual release of the movie in Boston and the pair of guys behind us were father and son, they had gone together when the son was 10 years old… the son was now in his 40s and listening to those two throw out the one liners was so funny).

Since I tried to get more than 4 hours of sleep this is all I have time to write. I will try to share some photos of last night as soon as I can. Probably Monday. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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