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A Fall Day

Stella is hunkered in on the couch dreaming. There is an annoying lone fly buzzing in the near vicinity. The weather has turned itself back to Fall. The past two days we have been in Summer mode. That meant a lot of people got their yard work done (unless, like me, they played hooky and just enjoyed the weather). Today I just want to chill for the day. No plans. No expectations.

I did manage to get some sleep. It got broken up between the storm and my back. But I got some and I am very grateful for that. I know I have been hard at things at work this week so I expect my body to be unhappy with me. Especially since it realizes that today I stay home.

I cannot believe that October is almost gone! When did that happen?! Soon the ground will be covered in white. While I am not looking forward to the cold and snow I am looking forward to hunkering in. Maybe get the house in order. There are several mini projects I have wanted to do around here. Hopefully I will follow through with the ones I start.

I have been taking photos a lot so I have fresh ones to share. To that end I will need to set up my birdfeeder soon. I try to wait until the first serious freeze that way they know it’s there when they need it. Right now there is still plenty for them to eat in the wild. Once they start coming to the feeder I can bombard you with bird photos. 😉

I’m sorry, I seem to just be rambling along here. Maybe that is a sign to get it together and start my day. Oh and my laptop has gone into battery saver mode. So I guess I will add some new photos and get this posted. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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