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A Sprinkle of This and a Dash of That

I think Fall might be done. Atleast the color portion. This wind has been so strong for so long that while the leaves might still be changing, a good portion of them have blown off the trees. The headache is still here but not as noticeable. I am wondering if it has something to do with pinched nerves. My sciatic seems to be flaring up again. I am not doing anything different so I can only guess it has to be the weather. Which means Winter will be fun. I do not want more doctor visits. Regardless I have things to do and I don’t have time for this flare up.

I am guessing that I am not being considered to adopt Jack. I never got a phone call. And that is fine. It wasn’t meant to be. Now to figure out if we should get the puppy. We figured that the first week of November would be when they would be ready but I got a message that they are ready now. That kind of bothers me. But Essie was much younger than what they said when Chris brought her home to us. I need to talk to them and decide what I want to do.

The movie night went well. My friend rewatched the movie and really enjoyed it. This time we had popcorn and pop instead of a meal. Once the movie was over he headed right home. I’m glad we did it early (he actually arrived 30 minutes early… I think he wanted to make sure Chris knew that he was coming over and that he wasn’t trying to sneak behind his back with me (Craig is 83 years old)) because last time he ended up driving home in the dark. I decided I am getting him a copy on DVD when it comes out.

Yesterday also brought my new knife. She is a beauty too! I need to work on opening her. It is a different mechanism that I am used to. I am going to need to find a spot for my growing collection! I am hoping to find a nice, lined wooden box to keep them in.

I suppose if I plan to get anything done before work I should wrap this up and get it posted. It feels like a day off because I am already at work by this time on most days. I hope you have a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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